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The Black Rabbit and Permaculture

I have been very quiet on my blog lately, as I was totally absorbed by my garden. It is the first time in many years I am living in a home with a real garden where I can grow my … Continue reading

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Energy efficiency is the way to go.

A new article in the New Scientist claims that efficiency gains alone could cut world energy demands by three-quarters. This is, of course extremely relevant for everybody in the development sector, as we tend to be cought in the maelstrom … Continue reading

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Believing in the electric car

Electric cars are finally breaking through – perhaps. The electric car is ready for it, but a bump must be taken to get to acceptance: changing habits and making the initial investments in infrastructure before the success is possible. In this article, it is argued that it is important to make this choice rather sooner than later, and live up to it. Continue reading

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