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Sunday Paper – New Years’ edition

The Best Dishes of 2010 – – The 15 best things The Times’s restaurant critic ate in New York City in 2010. Enjoy! Iraq Encounter – Watching a Faith Healer at Work – : Patient-focused treatment impresses an … Continue reading

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Darwin awards for international organisations and treaties

Chatting with a friend over lunch on what is real work and what is just unproductive time-filler, we touched upon the Food Aid Convention. If this international treaty would just vaporise without leaving a trace, the overall effect on food … Continue reading

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Results in HIV/AIDS interventions: Considerations on the need for a vertical approach in an horizontal world, and vice versa

Aids day During Aids-day, the blogs proved that the debate between the believers in a vertical approach and the believers in a geographical approach rages on. I did not write on it before, because it is an issue with ramifications … Continue reading

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Sunday paper

More Pie: Some Thinking on World AIDS Day – Blood and Milk; It is not because the bandwagon moved on that we should stop caring about Aids. Wow: Will This Results-Based Approach Change DFID Country Allocations?; Not the first time … Continue reading

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