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Galileo Day Campaign: 29 February 2012

Reposting, because it only gets more actual: The day to celebrate the Earth and Science Leap day is the single day we all think about our place in the universe, and how we know that place; it honors the earth … Continue reading

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Not longer, but deeper commitments for more aid predictability

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that one of the major problems in development is the unpredictability of aid. It is taken on face value that this can be reached by introducing long-term commitments, 3-4 years, and preferably beyond. It … Continue reading

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The Fragmentation of Humanitarian Aid: Market failure leads to planning and broken networks.

Is Fragmentation a solution or a problem? One of the main reasons the donor community pushes for reform in the humanitarian aid sector is the fragmentation of the services. As an antidote for fragmentation, coordination is proposed. The conventional narrative … Continue reading

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Energy efficiency is the way to go.

A new article in the New Scientist claims that efficiency gains alone could cut world energy demands by three-quarters. This is, of course extremely relevant for everybody in the development sector, as we tend to be cought in the maelstrom … Continue reading

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