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Humanitarian needs and the way we fund the Horn of Africa

Some important annual milestones for needs based humanitarian donor budgeting just passed: the publication of the 2011 Global Humanitarian Assistance Report and the Mid Year review of the OCHA Consolidated Appeals. The GHA report analyses the available data on humanitarian … Continue reading

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Markets in everything: 2021: the secondary market for development products.

Francis Watanabe is project portfolio manager for the government. He acquires development interventions on the secondary market, to add to his portfolio on early child development. Innovators, like the Gates Foundation or Oxfam, or even local governments, start up their … Continue reading

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The Black Rabbit and Permaculture

I have been very quiet on my blog lately, as I was totally absorbed by my garden. It is the first time in many years I am living in a home with a real garden where I can grow my … Continue reading

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The Sphere Project: Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response and the Poverty Line.

The Sphere standards and humanitarian efficiency. The latest edition of the Sphere Handbook was presented on the 23rd of June, and the more I read it and think about it, the more relevant I find this standard. “The Sphere Handbook … Continue reading

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