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GDP is rising: Why increase economic growth if you can manipulate the GDP?

  Some measures to stimulate “economic growth” don’t address underlying economic strengths and weaknesses. Instead they are skewed in order to manipulate – or “game” – the GDP indicator. The focus on GDP becomes a perverse incentive for short term … Continue reading

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Going for Zero

This is a repost from Uneven Earth, a conversation about environmental justice.   The current approach to COP21 is not realist or moderate, but quite extremist as it postpones effective action. If we consider the real facts of climate change, … Continue reading

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Pre-palaeolithic policies in development and diplomacy

Rant A more aggressive approach to defend a division of labour based on comparative advantages against the belief in holistic approaches is necessary. I propose to refer to policies who are negating the benefits of division of labour, and praise a holistic consensus … Continue reading

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