Geo-engineering: ready or not, here we go

Climate change is a reality, and it means humans are in charge of the climate now.

Putting carbon in the air used yo be a simple process called cooking, now it is geo engineering, as we know it changes the climate.

Fine tuning our energy use and milk consumption to diminish global warming, is geo-engineering.

Painting mountains white, is the same process of geo-engineering, but using more parameters.

The genie is out of the box. We have to take responsibility.

If only it was so simple that we needed only to look at our carbon consumption. It is a very wide field, with lots of hard choices to make.

We can cut carbon by making heating for the poor more expensive, or we can paint our roads or roofs white. Some choices will have consequences for the most vulnerable, others are untested and might have unintended results. What balance do we want between moral outcomes, environmental risks and social impact?

In the end, these choices should be made as a policy choice, and should not be forced upon us by events.

The last thing we need is a principled stance on what instruments to use while ignoring the moral consequences of the other choices.

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