Ethical eating in a diverse world: an introduction

The relationship to food is at the heart of the culture which we learn from our parents. Eating is–with its do’s and don’ts and its daily rituals–a central cultural institution like literature, songs, architecture, or music.  Since eating has been confused with nutrition and dieting, it seems like the “ethics of eating” is in danger of being reduced to a simplified ethics of what you eat, with each food group or even chemical component labelled as good or evil.

In the following series  some dimensions of the ethics of eating will be explored, with special attention paid to the link between self-identity and food. The objective of the series is to map the ethical  dimensions of the daily meal within the cultural, the biological, the economical, and the ecosystem. The objective is to paint a rainbow of ethical reflections, beyond a black-and-white approach. 

 -by Sam Gardner
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